Information for Fred Enke Golf Club

The Club will play next on Saturday, Feb. 27th. @ Enke

When you sign up for a weekly event, do not call the coordinator! Please call the Pro-Shop as they have the Sign Up Sheet(SUS)  through Thursday. If you want to sign up after Thursday, then call the coordinator to see if there is room. Also, you must cancel your T time by 12:00 noon on Friday!

Also, some of you are not understanding our “Penalty Area” rules. Simply, if you hit a shot into the desert, AKA Penalty Area, you cannot take a drop in the Penalty Area! If you have an unplayable lie, you must bring your ball out, along the line of flight, to the nearest maintained grass, even if it means going backward. 1 stroke penalty. There is an actual drop zone on # 2 and # 11. We ALL must play by the same rules to keep the competition fair!

THE CLUB NEEDS HELP!! We need at least 4 volunteers to become coordinators at the weekly events. This will involve learning the Genius Scoring System, setting up the weekly event, playing in the last group so as to collect entry fees and skin money and accounting for the tournament money results. This process is not difficult. You will be trained to do it properly. The whole process takes about 3-4 hours, and if we get 4 or 5 coordinators you will take your turn every 4 to 5 weeks. The perk for being a coordinator is a free event entry and gross and net skin fee.

If you are interested and can put in a little time to help our club to continue to provide a fun, competitive golf experience, call or e-mail Dave Adler at 440-7975; [email protected]

Thank You,

Dave Adler